Gumustekin Sezen


Sezen Gumustekin is a lutanist and  singer. She was born in 1979, Kütahya, Turkey. By the time she was 11, she taught herself to play the Turkish Lute and that’s how her music life has started. Turkey is the hometown of Turkish Classical Art Music, that’s why she preferred to study lute by having private lessons.  She got accepted as a student by the great Turkish lute master Yusuf Koçak who was the student of another great lute master Cinuçen Tanrıkorur.  

Even though there are so many Turkish traditional music conservatories in Turkey, she wanted to broaden her horizon by trying other kinds of music. That’s the reason she decided to enroll to an occidental music conservatory. She also discovered her contralto voice at the conservatory. She was graduated from the Opera-Choir Department of State Conservatory at Ankara University in 2004. After graduation she worked for Ankara State Theater for five years as a musician, appeared in many concerts and took place in many theater plays as a singer and a lute player. Afterwards, she has decided to study abroad for the master degree.

Currently, she is getting her master’s degree at the Vocal Chamber Music Department of Nicolini Conservatory in Piacenza, Italy. Her dream is to be affected by different kinds of music and philosophies, and through this inspiration, she wants to create her own  path in the music. 


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